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50/50 project #37/50 In the round (by Cheshire photographer Jane Burkinshaw)

Day 37. In the round.

50 days with a 50mm lens

Ok, confessions first. This project was originally about taking a photo every day with a 50mm lens for 50 consecutive days... major fail! This is probably day 75 so I've really fallen behind. But having got so far I don't want to abandon it so will carry on, on the premise that I will have taken 50 photos with a 50mm lens when I finish.

So, after a considerable gap here is photo number 37. This is a silver coloured globe in our pond and I love the reflections of our house (the white building at the top), the rather dominating gable end of our neighbour's house, our slightly trendy green sail, the umbrella, fountain and pond grasses. Oh, and me of course, hidden safely behind the camera.

Quite a tricky photo exposure wise, with dark areas of the pond and the very bright sky. The only way to capture the clouds and jet trails in the sky would have been to combine multiple exposures in Photoshop. You can see the image where I exposed for the sky below.

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