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50/50 project #34/50 Bad laundry day (by Cheshire photographer Jane Burkinshaw)

Day 34 Bad laundry day
50 days with a 50mm lens
Call me sad but I love this cheap little laundry dryer. It makes hanging out socks and smalls so much easier - less bending down to the peg bag must be better for my poor aching back!

This pic also gives me chance to "air" one of my grievances - people who tumble dry all year round and don't ever peg out laundry outside, even on sunny days. What wanton wastefulness and idleness!! I just can't understand it and don't believe that being supposedly time poor or not wanting stiff towels are valid excuses. Even when I'm in a hurry, the sight and scent of freshly washed clothes hanging in orderly rows lifts my spirits.

Folding warm washing fresh from the tumble dryer is a pleasure I save for wet days like today.

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